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Vbar Portmore Experience

On this particular night, we were in the mood for ‘Dine-tertainment’ (being entertained while dining), so we found ourselves at Karaoke night in V-Bar, located in Independence City, Portmore ( See Google Map Location at end).

Once you are in the vicinity you cannot miss it, as the building is greatly illuminated by glimmering lights. We entered the venue to the sounds of off-key singing wafting through the air, and hurried up the three flights of steps to catch the action. Note: be careful when going up the stairs, they are a bit steep and narrow. Make sure to hold on to rails for support.

When we entered, we assumed that we were responsible for finding our own seats as no one greeted us, and it was hard to find a good seat as some areas were poorly lit (although they provided blocks of light for each table). The crowd was decent—for a Tuesday night. Even though there was still more room and empty seats for additional persons to occupy

Our server approached us right away and presented a ‘Chinese-themed’ menu that was totally unexpected—-not like what we were used to at a bar and grill. We were very curious to see how they compared to a traditional Chinese restaurant. Of course there were a few other non-Chinese options as well..

One of my most favorite Chinese dish is Chow Mein, so I could not resist ordering V-Bar’s version for my main course, and Bradley ordered V-Style Fish.

V-Style Fish and Chow Mein


For our appetizer we had chosen Spring Rolls and Sea Soup.

Spring Rolls (left) and Sea Soup (right)


The multi-colored lights that decorated the venue created a festive feeling….we were completely relaxed as we listened to the continuous inflows of dramatic performances, sipping Planters Punch and Amaretto Sour as we waited for our meal.

Amaretto Sour (left) and Planters Punch (right)


Our appetizer arrived, and we dived into them with gusto…..for a second.

I’ve never had Spring Rolls before so there is nothing to compare it to. But despite the fact the chicken had a nice seasoned flavor, and the vegetables were nice and crunchy (just the way I liked it); the outside was very greasy.

The Sea Soup was meatless. The only indication that we were having a seafood soup was the fish bones in the broth and the seafood taste. Despite its shortcomings, it actually tasted good.

Surprisingly, our main course arrived even before we were finished with our appetizer so we transitioned right to our next course (yaaay). Our excitement was short-lived—again the food did not match up to our expectations.

For the Chow Mein, the noodles were doughy, they stuck in my teeth and were greasy (what’s up with the oil?). In contrast the chicken was overcooked and dry. The entire dish needed more seasoning and the vegetables were sparse (although we were told that it included vegetables).

For the V-Style Fish, the batter was too heavy—in fact, there was more batter than there was fish. It was a mixture of sweet and spicy.

Major Drawbacks

Presentation was poor; the food was served on cheap plastic plates and the presentation of the food on the plates was just flat and basic (it looked like something I would dish out in a hurry out of a pot at home). It felt as if there was not any real care given to how the food was sent out to us.

Also, the menu was not detailed enough. We would have liked to actually see the ingredients of the dish listed.

Notwithstanding, we would not use this one brush to paint the quality of the entire menu and service though (this was just one night), but we will be back to see if tonight was an off-night for them.

VBar Google Map Location

Have you ever been to Vbar in Portmore?  If so, what was your dining experience like?

What did you have from the menu?

Please feel free to share with us your personal dining experience in the comment box below.

Disclaimer: Jamaicanfoodfanatics.com is not affiliated with any restaurants and or chill spots.

Our aim is for everyone to share their unbiased dining experiences, whether good or bad.

Ultimately these comments and reviews for restaurants and chill spots will be used to encourage improvements on the customer service and dining experiences that these entities provide.

Only for the sake of extraordinary customer dining experiences in Jamaica.

V Bar

5 Madrid Ave Independence City Portmore

(876) 455-0004


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