The Truck Stop

Kingston & St. Andrew
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Have you ever went out to eat and left the restaurant even more hungry than when you got there? Is your answer yes, then you can relate to our latest experience dining at The Truck Stop — which was a disappointment–we actually had high hopes for this chill spot, having sampled the food from their mobile truck—which was really good.

Earlier that evening we drove around Kingston trying to find a food joint to calm our ravenous appetites;alas, everywhere seemed brimming with activity and was full. We ended up at The Truck Stop Grill and Bar located at 18 West Kings House Road and were delighted that the venue was less than half empty. Of course we would later find out why.

We were ushered into the spacious venue by the host who was really trying to make us feel welcome. He directed us to our seats where we were greeted by an unenthusiastic server with a dull attitude. I honestly cannot remember if she had introduced herself. She presented a menu that was so obviously outdated, the edges were curled up. We quickly scanned the sparse menu and made our decisions.

We placed our food order, and we asked her to return for our drink order as we had not yet decided. She did not return until the food was served.

As we waited we perused the location. There was no visual entertainment (for persons who may prefer to be watching flat screen TVs as they dined or drink at the bar), there was a slow paced vibe, very laid back, it wasn’t peaceful but rather dull. Bottom line, entertainment at The Truck Stop was poor.

Our biggest issue was how the food was served; we clearly ordered appetizers and entrees—-but the server brought all of them at the same time!we were flabbergasted.

We ordered:

Honey Garlic Wings- the garlic was overpowering and the chicken overdone.

Honey Garlic Wings

Chicken Kebab- again, the chicken was overdone; the meat was really tough but the sauce that coated it was flavorful and tangy.

Chicken Kebab

Jerk Pork- too salty and dry in some places.

Jerk Pork

The redeeming dish was the BBQ Chicken, it was done perfectly; very moist and by the taste it was marinated well. I guess that was some consolation, but it wasn’t enough to curb our appetites. Our side orders of Potato Wedges (well seasoned and crispy on the outside but soft inside) and Ripe Plantains also placated us–a little.


BBQ Chicken
Potato Wedges and Plantains

Our drinks were intoxicating—there was enough alcohol in each to make cocktails for six people, so much that we had to ask for a chaser to be added to one of them. It did not help much.

The customer service at The Truck Stop is way below par. Only once did the server check on us, and based on her attitude she did so grudgingly. At one point we had to be waving down other servers to relay our requests, and even they acted like they did not want to be bothered.

After a painful service, we made a hasty retreat, still feeling peckish and disgruntled. Our chance of returning: Almost one percent.

Have you ever been to The Truck Stop ?  If so, what was your dining experience like?

What did you have from the menu?

Please feel free to share with us your personal dining experience in the comment box below.

Disclaimer: Please note that is not affiliated with any restaurants and or chill spots. Our aim is for everyone to share their unbiased dining experiences, whether good or bad. Ultimately these comments and reviews for restaurants and chill spots will be used to encourage improvements on the customer service and dining experiences that these entities provide, for the sake of extraordinary customer dining experiences in Jamaica.

The Truck Stop

18 W Kings House Rd, Kingston

(876) 631-0841


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4 thoughts on “The Truck Stop

    1. Hello Pierre, thanks for commenting. But for the website visitors we would like you to elaborate on what made the experience there for you to be okay.

  1. I’ve been to this spot a couple times. The second time around was mainly to give them a second chance. This place is more flare than flavour. I love the setting but the food leaves a lot to be desired. As was said here, the plantain and wedges were great but the jerk chicken was pitiful. Chances of returning are slim to none.

    1. Hey Lillie, I honestly do share the same views with you. They really need to step their game up to make sure customers are happy. Great food and good customer service is the key to customer retention in the food industry.
      Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience with us, please do keep posted with our new updates and continue to share your experiences with us.
      Happy Eating!

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