Triple Century Sports Bar and Grill: The Best Ribs in Kingston?

Kingston & St. Andrew
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Triple Century

Located on the Hip Strip of New Kingston, the Triple Century Bar & Grill is owned by West Indies cricketer, Chris Gayle. On this occasion, we visited the occasion with one objective in mind: to get our fill of their BBQ ribs and Jerk Chicken that we have heard so much about.

As we entered the restaurant, the hostess approached and greeted us, which was a welcome surprise, as we hardly receive that reception anywhere else. She was warm and friendly, and escorted us to our seats where a server came almost immediately to greet us and give us water.


The setting resembles a lively party atmosphere. We loved the variety of seating arrangements that was offered: you could sit at the bar, or on the ground floor, which is an open area and you are seen by everyone. On the other hand, if you want to be discreet, you have the choice of sitting in a slightly raised area overlooking the ground floor and bar.

The seats were soft and comfortable, and enabled you to relax without any discomfort. The tables are spacious and allow you to move freely, with enough space so you can place your bags on and have your meal comfortably.

The volume of music is balanced; it is not too loud, but high enough to give an upbeat vibe. The decorations were combined to give the restaurant a sporty feeling; from the flatscreen TVs displaying a variety of sporting activities, to the pictures of newspaper clipping emulating the career of the owner and the sport that he plays.


Before our main dishes arrived, Bradley decided to order some pumpkin soup for his appetizer; unwisely, I decided to pass and lived to regret it, for the broth was thick with and filled with vegetables and diced chicken breasts. The soup had great flavor and the serving was generous. I had to sit in agony and watch as Bradley drank every last drop.

Fortunately for me, our food orders came shortly after. I had ordered the Grilled Rack of BBQ Pork Ribs with Coleslaw, accompanied by steamed carrots and stringbeans, and a side order of ripe plantains. Bradley ordered Jerk Chicken with BBQ sauce, accompanied by lettuce and raw vegetables. This, hands down, was the best ribs I have ever tasted. The BBQ sauce that smothered the ribs was smoky and tangy, the meat was tender and almost fell off the rack. The vegetables were sautéed in a buttery sauce that was slightly too salty, but tasted great nonetheless. The coleslaw, when combined with the meat on the ribs created a wonderful party in my mouth.

Grilled Rack of BBQ Pork Ribs

Bradley’s Jerk Chicken was nicely seasoned with a hint of pepper; but it wasn’t soft and juicy the way he liked it—it was more chewy than tender. The vegetables that accompanied the chicken were fresh and dressed with a flavorful vinaigrette. But the sauce on the side worked wonders and added a great flavor to the chicken.

Jerk Chicken

If you are ever in the vicinity of New Kingston, just stop by the Triple Century Sports Bar to try their wonderful menu. You will not be disappointed, trust us.

Have you ever been to Triple Century Sports Bar?  If so, what was your dining experience like?

What did you have from the menu?

Please feel free to share with us your personal dining experience in the comment box below.

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Triple Century Sports Bar

69 Knutsford Blvd, Kingston

(876) 906-0333

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2 thoughts on “Triple Century Sports Bar and Grill: The Best Ribs in Kingston?

  1. I had the opposite experience. After making reservations my party and I were forced to wait an hour before being seated. I ordered the ribs being a ribs fanatic; major mistake! Half of it was properly cooked. A member of my party ordered the chicken pasta and that too was not properly cooked. Even after receiving an order of something else on the house we experienced the same issue. All in all not a good experience for me.

    1. Hi Kaycian, sorry about the bad experience you had. I truly do appreciate you taking the time out to tell everyone else about your personal experience. Ultimately this will be used as a guide for others to make a decision about where they want to try out for a dining experience.
      Please do keep coming back for more updates and also to continue sharing your experiences with all of us.
      Cheers and Happy eating!

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