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Kingston & St. Andrew
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Recently we ventured out for our first taste of Indian cuisine and we decided to try Saffron Indian Cuisine. Located at The Marketplace that hosts a range of cultural food experiences, Saffron Indian Cuisine offers a wide variety menu, offers vegetable dishes/caters to non-meat eaters. The restaurant has huge space and is ideal for large groups. The environment is lively is there is a surround sound that the entire courtyard enjoys.

First Impression

It was a busy season—Restaurant Week was just coming to a close so they were filled to capacity.

Nevertheless, our wait time was reasonable considering the circumstances. We had a few hiccups with the host initially but the servers were pleasant for the most part.


After attempting to eat the Vegetable Platter (a combination of water chestnut, grilled broccoli and veg pakora) I made a vow to never become a vegetarian—ever! The broccoli was one of the few things I recognized on the plate and it was frozen, soggy and bland. There was another item that I assumed was pakora was greasy and extra sweet.

I tasted only one.

To top it off, a bad combination of fried onions, tofu, cauliflower and under-cooked potatoes left a bad taste in my mouth.

Vegetable Platter

There was a slightly improved experience with the Non-Vegetable Platter (chicken tikka, fish tikka and sweet chili shrimp) for although the sweet chili shrimp delicious and had a nice flavor, the rest was nothing to write home about. More seasoning was needed on the chicken tikka and the fish tikka was really awful. The spice that was used for flavor wrestled with my taste buds.

I had to wash the bad taste away with alcohol.

Non-Vegetable Platter

By the time for main course I had doubts about my feelings towards Indian cuisine—I’d ordered Goan Curried Shrimp and although the smell was delightful and the dish was filled with big, juicy shrimp, the spices were overpowering and required an acquired taste.

Goan Curried Shrimp

We fared much better with our choice of Singapore Chicken —-although it was slightly cloying. But it had a slightly buttery taste with an appropriate amount of spice.

Singapore Chicken

It wasn’t all bad though–the bar was the best part. They make the most amazing drinks.

You can ask the bartender to whip up a serving of Dirty Banana or Blended Fruit Punch with Malibu coconut rum—you definitely won’t regret that!


It would be good for them to install a TV screen for the bar. It will give you something to do while you enjoy a couple drinks or wait for a table.

I might return….for the drinks. But the food? Probably not. Indian cuisine might not be my thing.

Have you ever been to Saffron Indian Cuisine?  If so, what was your dining experience like?

What did you have from the menu?

Please feel free to share with us your personal dining experience in the comment box below.

Disclaimer: Please note that is not affiliated with any restaurants and or chill spots. Our aim is for everyone to share their unbiased dining experiences, whether good or bad. Ultimately these comments and reviews for restaurants and chill spots will be used to encourage improvements on the customer service and dining experiences that these entities provide, for the sake of extraordinary customer dining experiences in Jamaica.


Address67, Constant Spring Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

+1 876-926-6598






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