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Update: The Office Sports Bar is no longer in operation. Under new name and management VODA Lounge. Read our Review on VODA Lounge, just click Here

Our recent visit to The Office Sports Bar in Sovereign Village, Portmore left us wanting more (and not really in a good way), as we felt that they have much more to offer than what we had gotten.

For starters, when we arrived there was no one to greet us, which I didn’t get because there wasn’t a lot of patrons around. To their credit, however, the hostess came along after a minute or so.

What hit us first was the décor; it was well constructed and although the venue was small it was tastefully decorated. It created a club-like vibe so if you are into that scene, The Office Sports Barwould be a great appetizer for a night of partying. The only issue I had (and that was just me) was that the music was really loud. But, if you like an upbeat setting then you’d fit right in.

As I said before, The Office Sports Bar left us wanting more….and I was really talking about the food. We could not get over the fact that there were only TWO menu options available and it wasn’t even midnight! However, we later learned that the traffic earlier was intense, resulting in the shortage of menu items.

We hope that’s not a trend!

So, we chose what was left (Jerked Chicken with Fries & Fried Plantains with Ackee and Saltfish), and they kinda made up for our earlier disappointment. I can honestly say that the Jerk Chicken was one of the best I have ever tasted, and I think this was due to how the seasonings marinated in the meat and bones. The meat was really tender too.

Nothing was spared, I tell you….I even chewed the bones (didn’t swallow them though!)

Caution: Very Spicy!

Compared to the Jerk Chicken, the fries were like an afterthought until we tasted them with the accompanied sauce. Fries were a bit salty, but warm and crispy, and the cream dip for the fries was spicy and had a massive kick.

Jerk Chicken with Fries

Our next “choice”, Fried plantains with Ackee and Saltfish was a simple meal but very tasty. We wished the Ackee had more flavor though. Plantains were fried to perfection with the right amount of salt, so we were good with that.

Plantain with Ackee And Saltfish

I really can’t end this post without mentioning how great our server was….she was very warm, polite and very helpful!

I know The Office Sports Bar has a lot to offer so we are definitely going back soon, and we will be providing updates on our next experience!

Have you ever been to The Office Sports Bar?  If so, what was your dining experience like?

What did you have from the menu?

Please feel free to share with us your personal dining experience in the comment box below.

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+1 876-803-6008

 Braeton Parkway, Shop AU1&2 Sovereign Village, Portmore, Jamaica

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