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Mainland China Ocho Rios

In Ocho Rios we discovered another great chill spot. Located in the Landmark Plaza is a 3-in-1 restaurant that offers a variety of Jamaican, Indian and Chinese dishes. Mainland China Ocho Rios / Tandoor Kebab Zone is definitely a spot to visit.


There is a mix of modern and rustic decor throughout the venue. Each area is designed to fit the appropriate culture. Guests have the option to sit where they like, regardless of their menu choice.

Upon arriving, we were seated indoors, which is a small, intimate setting. There is a quiet vibe, with low key music in the background.

In contrast, outdoor dining is quite spacious with a festive ambiance. It is ideal for private functions and parties.

A Melting Pot of Culture

As said before, Mainland China provides a unique offering. Not only can you sit wherever you want; you are also able to order from any menu, despite the seating arrangements.

Moreover, diners can choose from traditional Indian, modern Chinese and local Jamaican cuisine.

Notably, the restaurant offers quality food. In particular, we sampled the following menu items:

Dhaba (tikka) chicken- a savory dish that contains ginger, garlic, yoghurt and Indian herbs that gave a kick and awakened our taste buds. Coupled with mildly sweet coconut naan, this dish is highly recommended.

mainland china ocho rios dhaba tikka chicken
Dhaba (tikka) chicken

Sweet and Sour Chicken – contains plump Bell pepper and juicy pineapple chunks and tomato sauce. The use of fresh ingredients gives the dish an authentic flavor.

mainland china ocho rios sweet and sour chicken
Sweet and Sour Chicken

Curried mutton- cooked to perfection, the tender, spicy meat almost melted in our mouths. It was also served with warm basmati rice.

mainland china ocho rios curried mutton
Curried Mutton

Compared to the excellent food, the prices are definitely reasonable.

There is only one drawback, however. Regardless of the high volume of seating, the parking is limited. But, once you are securely parked you can look forward to a good dining experience.

Have you ever been to Mainland China Ocho Rios Restaurant and Bar ?  If so, what was your dining experience like?

What did you have from the menu?

Please feel free to share with us your personal dining experience in the comment box below.

Disclaimer: Please note that is not affiliated with any restaurants and or chill spots. Our aim is for everyone to share their unbiased dining experiences, whether good or bad. Ultimately these comments and reviews for restaurants and chill spots will be used to encourage improvements on the customer service and dining experiences that these entities provide, for the sake of extraordinary customer dining experiences in Jamaica.

Mainland China Restaurant and Bar

Ocho Rios


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2 thoughts on “Mainland China Ocho Rios

  1. Went there last month and my experience was great. The greeting was pleasant and my server was exceptional very pleasant and very vibesy. I had wings and spring rolls. Pork chops and there shrimp low mein. My server ensures I was satisfied and made my meal exactly how I wanted it. It’s a must go for me.

    1. Hi Natrisha, we really do appreciate the time that you have taken to share your personal experience at Mainland China with us all. It’s always good to know when others have had a lovely dining experience versus a bad one. But good or bad, please feel absolutely free to share them all. Shares and happy eating!

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