M10 Restaurant Bar and Grill- Vineyard Town

Kingston & St. Andrew
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M10 Restaurant Bar and Grill is located within the community of Vineyard Town, St. Andrew. This is a hot spot that, based on reviews, has patrons coming back for more, over and over again. I’ve dined there several times and the food has never disappointed. Customer service has always been great as well so on this occasion we were back to see if this is the norm.

The location is your regular bar and grill—nothing fancy (who needs fancy anyway?). What matters is if the chairs are comfortable enough, the tables provide enough space for you to dine comfortably and the ambiance and vibe is great. M10 Restaurant Bar and Grill offers all of that.

We arrived early, the place was empty but as soon as we were settled the patrons trickled in like ants to jar of honey. We were well taken care of by an cheerful server who was very attentive. She was easy to talk to.

What I love about the menu is that it’s clear that they have invested in presenting a good and attractive menu; it was firm (it wasn’t falling apart in my hand) and the colors are vibrant. They also have a different theme and menu list for each day of the week, so you will never get bored with the variety that they offer.

If you are into seafood, the Crab Back with Garlic Bread is a must try when you visit M10 Restaurant Bar and Grill. It is spicy and flavorful, coupled with the garlic bread was just wonderful.

Crab Back with Garlic Bread

I wasn’t a fan of the Steamed Fish though. It lacked salt, the ockra was really tough, and there was a rawness that would not quit. The texture of the fish was good though, but the fried bammy had no flavor— it was gummy—-and again—no salt.

Steamed Fish

Bradley is a stewed peas connoisseur, so I waited to see what his reaction would be to the Stewed Peas and White Rice that he ordered. He was disappointed, it was lacking that deep spice and and flavor  stewed peas is known for and the pigstail were a little salty.

On the other hand, the coconut flavor assisted with enhancing the savoriness of the dish. The white rice was very ‘shelly’ and buttery and went well with the sauce of the stewed peas.

Stewed Peas with Pigstail

I would not recommend the Coco Loco if you don’t have a love for papaya; it contrasts terribly with the coconut and creamy concoction. It is a cocktail that includes orange juice, pineapple juice, grenadine and dark rum. On the other hand you can try the Rum Runner, another cocktail that contains coconut rum, black berry liqueur, dark rum, pineapple and cranberry juices.

Coco Loco (Left) and Rum Runner (Right)

This visit did not exactly live up to our expectations, but it wont stop us from going back!

M10 Google Location Map


Have you ever been to The M10 Restaurant Bar and Grill?  If so, what was your dining experience like?

What did you have from the menu?

Please feel free to share with us your personal dining experience in the comment box below.

Disclaimer: Please note that jamaicanfoodfanatics.com is not affiliated with any restaurants and or chill spots. Our aim is for everyone to share their unbiased dining experiences, whether good or bad. Ultimately these comments and reviews for restaurants and chill spots will be used to encourage improvements on the customer service and dining experiences that these entities provide, for the sake of extraordinary customer dining experiences in Jamaica. 

M10 Restaurant Bar & Grill

6 Vineyard Rd, Kingston

(876) 930-2112


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5 thoughts on “M10 Restaurant Bar and Grill- Vineyard Town

  1. The food for dinner is usually ok. A bit overpriced for lunch i think. Service is mostly slow especially on weekends

    1. Hey Shae, thanks for sharing with us. On this particular day of our visit, I had stewed peas which I must add is one of my favorite dish.
      Honestly, I was not pleased or blown away with the expected great taste of flavor that I am used to from eating stewed peas.
      I also had some of my wife’s steamed fish and that too was disappointing.
      We hope though that our personal experiences was just off days for them. Hence we would love to hear more about what others have to say about their personal experience with them.
      Cheers and Happy Eating!

  2. M10 is one of my most favourite places to eat. I really do enjoy the pork chops which is mouth watering. I also like the garlic shrimp served with fried bammy. Will keep going back!!

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