Jo Jo’s: Authentic Jamaican Cuisine

Kingston & St. Andrew
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If you are looking for authentic Jamaican cuisine accompanied by great flavors, a good vibe and a laid back atmosphere then Jo Jo’s is the place to be.Located at 12 Waterloo Road, St. Andrew, Jo Jo’s is a chill spot that you can go and and relax without having to compete with the noise.

Good, Friendly Service

We were greeted by an accommodating server, his name is Glen, and he offered one of the most real and friendly service that we have ever encountered.He made us feel right at home by relating to us like we were regulars. We noted that many of the staff were pleasant that night as well.

Diversified Menu Options

We loved the variety of the menu;there is a vast array of choices you can pick and choose from.

After many deliberations we finally settled on the choices below:

Gungo Peas Soup

I must admit, I have never been a fan of the soup so I anticipated that I was just going to have one taste. This gungo peas soup, however, did not disappoint. It was spicy and savory although the promised pigs tail was almost non-existent. The bowl was empty in no time.

It reminds Bradley of his mother’s cooking (a major achievement!)

I’m still a bigger fan of pumpkin and red peas soup but if I ever feel the need for some good ol’ gungo peas soup, I know where to get it!


Jerk Sampler Platter

If you want variety with the appetizer (or you just can’t decide what to get), try the succulent platter of jerk chicken, pork and lamb.

What a trio!

Everything was on point–the spices and salt was just right (no need to worry about your blood pressure!). The pork and chicken were so moist and almost melted in our mouths…..oh my god!The smokiness of the grilled lamb enhanced the taste of the well seasoned meat.

A definite must-try!

By this time we thought that there was nothing that could top this appetizer….

Lo and behold, our main courses proved us wrong.



Steamed Fish

The pungent aroma hit us even before the dish arrived to our table and instantly our stomachs made space for more.The only word to describe the fish-juicy, it was a succulent snapper that almost fell off the bones.

There was an  infusion of herbs and spices that was accompanied by the star of the dish–the coconut sauce (which was amazing) and mild spice.


Curried Mutton

There was a positive clash of the assorted spices and flavors in this dish, which was accompanied by a generous serving of grilled roti that was convenient to sop the thick and rich sauce.



An A+ Score

Jo Jo’s presented a warm and homey feeling, which we love.

It’s clear that that care and attention is given to how the food is prepared and it is presented with pride because they know it’s good.

One of my best experiences so far…..we will definitely be back!

If you haven’t yet done so, check them out! When you do, just ask for Glen. He’s really good.

Jo Jo Restaurant
Google Location Map of Jo Jo’s Restaurant


Have you ever been to Jo Jo’s?  If so, what was your dining experience like?

What did you have from the menu?

Please feel free to share with us your personal dining experience in the comment box below.

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JoJo’s Jerk Pit Restaurant

12 Waterloo Road, Kingston

(876) 906-1509

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