Gypsy House

Kingston & St. Andrew
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gypsy houseThere is a tapas restaurant in New Kingston that serves the most delectable cuisine. Located on Chelsea Avenue, the Gypsy House provides a peaceful chill spot.

Edit: Now located at 5a North Avenue, Kingston.

Chic Décor

We recently visited and fell in love with the zen-type, laidback setting. The establishment is stylishly decorated, with moderate but evocative music. Together with the comfy couches and lounge chairs, the Gypsy House offers an intimate setting and promotes a cosy dining experience.

Additionally, there is an outdoor dining option, with comfortable benches.

International Menu

The Gypsy House serves a variety of Tapas dishes, including Jamaican Fusion , Spanish, Chinese, Italian influences. We liked the descriptive menu, and how it outlines the ingredients of each dish. Furthermore, it gives you an idea of what you’re ordering.

Of course, it was hard to choose what we wanted. In the end, we managed to narrow it down to a few:

Pineapple pork belly- a sweet and tangy dish, glazed with pineapple ginger sauce.

gypsy house Pineapple pork belly
Pineapple pork belly

Coconut curried shrimp- warm, inviting flavours from jumbo shrimp covered in creamy coconut sauce.

gypsy house Coconut curried shrimp
Coconut curried shrimp

Jerk oxtail Alfredo (highly recommended). Penne pasta covered with cheesy alfredo sauce, together with savory oxtail.

gypsy house Jerk oxtail Alfredo
Jerk oxtail Alfredo

Tamarind BBQ ribs- Sweet, moist and tender ribs smothered in homemade tamarind sauce.

gypsy house Tamarind BBQ ribs
Tamarind BBQ ribs

Surf and turf sliders- a warm, zesty bun with black forest ham and honey ginger shrimp. In addition to the sweet and spicy combination, the parmesan cheese added a nice, nutty taste.

gypsy house Surf and turf sliders
Surf and turf sliders

Mexican street corn- roasted corn on the cob rolled in garlic cilantro lime mayo, coupled with crumbled quest and cayenne pepper. Very nutty and spicy flavours.

gypsy house mexican street corn
Mexican street corn

Overall, the dishes were well seasoned. Filled with pungent flavours, they gave a kick to our taste buds. We truly enjoyed every bite.

Our server was very attentive. Also, our food was delivered within a short space of time.

Certainly, this is on our list of faves. We will definitely return!

Have you ever been to Gypsy House Tapas ?  If so, what was your dining experience like?

What did you have from the menu?

Please feel free to share with us your personal dining experience in the comment box below.

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Gypsy House Tapas

5a North Ave, Kingston, Jamaica

Tel: (876)-665-3154

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